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September 30, 2019

Bruce County Committee Defeats Rectory Motion

The Sun Times (Owen Sound) 17 Aug 2019

Don Crosby

The future of the former Anglican Rectory in Southampton continues to remain uncertain following a vote by Bruce County’s executive committee to defeat a motion by South Bruce Peninsula Mayor Janice Jackson.

Her motion called on the county to cancel the demolition of the building beside the Bruce County museum, and to end any further legal action with the Southampton Cultural Heritage Conservancy, which is trying to save the home.

Jackson said her motion was defeated in a tie vote behind closed doors, with Northern Bruce Peninsula Mayor Milt McIver absent.

“Now that the planned Nuclear Innovation Institute is not locating there, there is no need to tear down that rectory. We can build sufficient archives on the footprint that is available on that property now,” Jackson said. “The very most we might have to tear down is the garage, but certainly not the house.”

Jackson said there are plenty of possibilities, including building around the rectory.

“We are definitely committed to building a smaller archive now,” she said. “We’re certainly not interested in spending $11 million on the archives.The nuclear institute was all a part of that package. And when it is removed from the equation, it gives us a whole different scenario to look at.”

Jackson said she can support the quest to find out if the funds from the Krug estate were properly used.

The Southampton Cultural Heritage Conservancy alleges that Bruce County used funds from a $500,000 bequest from Bruce Krug to purchase the rectory. They also allege this use of funds does not honour the true wishes of the bequest terms.

Jackson said she plans to bring the matter up again when McIver is at the council table in the future.

“Because Mayor McIver wasn’t here, I would like to look into revisiting that motion when he is here,” she said.

Following the vote by county council, the heritage conservancy board issued a news release expressing disappointment that Jackson’s motion had been defeated.

“(The conservancy) had hoped to see the motion pass, which could have opened discussions with the county regarding preservation measures and respect for the terms and conditions of the restricted Krug Eastate Trust, and would have ended a prolonged legal case, funded by Bruce County taxpayers,” the release said.

The Southampton Cultural Heritage Conservancy also accused the county of not being transparent in the matter, arguing that portions of the motion do not qualify under the Municipal Act to be voted on in closed session.

The heritage conservancy was forced last month to place a motion before a judge to obtain closed-meeting documents spanning two years after the county refused disclosure, the release says.

“(The conservancy’s) counsel will reschedule the hearing date, as (the conservancy) plans to continue its work to protect the public interest and the rule of law in this case,” the release said.


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