Southampton Heritage

Our Mission:

Saving Our Rich Heritage

From the ancient canoe and snowshoe routes of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation to the vintage yellow brick houses built with local clay to the stunning Lake Huron sunsets and a quaint main street leading to the beach, Southampton has a unique cultural heritage worth preserving. We love the piper as the sun drifts below the horizon, the pow-wows at Saugeen First Nation, the river's working harbour, concerts in the Fairy Lake bandshell, and even the fierce snow squalls of the Great Lakes; it’s all cultural heritage and it all matters.


Our Mission

The Southampton Cultural Heritage Conservancy seeks to promote, protect, and advocate on behalf of the history, cultural heritage, cultural landscape, civil society and built environment of the Town of Southampton and the surrounding area. We recognize and respect that all of this existed pre-contact, and continues to exist through the Saugeen Ojibway Nation, and the Metis who later settled in this territory.

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We are committed to:

Listening and engaging with the community about what the heritage environment of our town means to us all, and how the diverse nature of our 6,000-year- old history can be commemorated and understood now, and for the generations to come, building bridges between people and histories to build our town for a bright future.

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The Krug Trust


An Important Project

Respecting heritage matters and right now the Conservancy has committed to ensuring that the Krug trust for “the archives building for the storage and display of the archives of the county, in memory of Bruce and Howard Krug” is used by the County in the manner Mr. Krug instructed in his will.  


Slated for Demolition

254 High St. was purchased by Bruce County with Krug Trust Fund money, a trust established for archiving the history of Bruce County. The building is now slated for demolition. We are asking the justice system to determine whether this use of funds from the restricted trust is allowed by law.


Honouring the Krug Brothers’ memory and their gift to the County is just one of the many reasons we need your help. The loss of several heritage properties in the past few years has been disturbing. The 254 High St. property is a landmark gateway at one end of downtown High Street. Disruption of this harmonious corner will further change the cultural heritage landscape of the town, forever. The future of our community’s built heritage resources, heritage properties, heritage attributes and natural cultural heritage landscapes are at risk. We need your help!

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May 2019

Krug descendants ‘appalled’ by rectory demolition plans

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